sabato 29 maggio 2010

The SFF Portal

Pubblico volentieri un annuncio interessante per chi si cimenta con la reportistica in inglese, e indicativo di come la realtà globale della FS si stia modificando. Inutile dire che ci siamo già proposti come collaboratori.

"The SFF Portal is an online review of short-form science fiction, fantasy, and horror that will launch at World Fantasy in October 2010. Although we do intend to review work in English, we will give equal emphasis to providing English- language coverage of short fiction markets, anthologies, and genre literary activities in many language communities around the world, not just English-language work being produced in predominantly Anglophone regions. Our goal is to publish at least one article from each region or language for which we have a bureau head in each monthly issue; bureau heads will write these pieces themselves or delegate them to fellow critics in their area.

For regions with less activity, we’ll take quarterly or yearly reports from our coordinators. Our current staff includes:

Val Grimm
: Editor-in-chief
Elizabeth Allen: Editor
René Walling: Logistics Advisor and Bureau Head for Francophone Canada
Miguel Esquirol: Bureau Head, Bolivia
Fábio Fernandes: Bureau Head, Brazil
Knud Larn: Bureau Head, Denmark
Annaïg Houesnard: Bureau Head, France
Gord Sellar: Coordinator, South Korea
Johan Anglemark: Coordinator, Sweden

If you are interested in working with us, please send an inquiry letter and writing sample to"
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